About Small Family Farm


     Small Family Farm is located on Mapheliah Road in Yorkanna PA. It is owned by Judy & Lew Small. Most of the plants and produce that we grow are sold right from the farm to people like you who appreciate the difference in quality and price that buying right from the grower makes. 



mum field 2

     On the farm we have a greenhouse where we produce flowers and plants. Most of the output from the greenhouse is offered for sale to you right here at the farm. We also wholesale some to local garden centers and farmer's market stand proprietors. 


     The delightfully fresh vegetables are grown on several acres located up on the hill behind the pasture. To encourage the plants to produce early we plant them in black plastic mulch which warms the soil and keeps moisture in for happier plants. The plastic is also a nonchemical way to keep the weeds away from the vegetable plants.


     We purchased the farm in 1987. The farm house was built in 1850 and the main barn in 1929. From 1920-1960 the farm was known as the Fry farm and run as an orchard. From 1960 until our purchase it had a large number of owners and was even a rental property. Needless to say it was quite run down and it had no water above the first floor. Judy & I initially operated it as a poultry hatchery but due to falling local demand for chicks and ducklings we ceased hatching in 1999. We built the greenhouse in January 1998. I would strongly recommend against building a greenhouse in the Winter. I think it was the coldest thing I've ever done.


     We have plants & produce available as they come into season from March to the end of October, seven days a week.

magnolia pansies


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